Qualification and role of a Trademark Attorney

A trademark Attorney is a legal expert in intellectual property who, like all lawyers, belongs to a regulated profession.
This title is earned with a Master’s in Intellectual Property law, professional experience and after passing the INPI (national institute of industrial property) qualification.
In France, only qualified lawyers registered with INPI and CNCPI may practice as trademark Attorneys.

Qualification INPIQualification CNCPI

Trademark Attorneys advise clients on the management of their trademarks and designs. They handle and monitor the filing procedures in France and internationally, and represent them in any ensuing litigation.
Trademark Attorneys thus have specific value in trademark and copyright law. This guaranteed expertise allows them to work closely with other attorneys or international lawyers to fully defend their clients’ interests.
Trademark Attorneys have in-depth understanding of French, European and international trademark, copyright and design procedures.
Trademark Attorneys may also be appointed by the courts as an expert in seizures of infringing goods.
Trademark Attorneys are also subject to lawyer-client privilege under Article L422-11 of the French Code of Intellectual Property:
“In any matter and for all the services mentioned under Article L. 422-1, the patent and trademark lawyer shall observe professional secrecy. Consultations intended for clients, professional correspondence exchanged with clients, fellow-members or attorneys-at-law, notes of meetings and, more generally, all documents of the file shall be subject to lawyer-client privilege”