Cabinet LEGABRAND is a Trademark Attorney Firm founded in 2008 by Patricia Bismuth who specialises in trademark, design and copyright law.
The firm acts on behalf of clients in trademark and design management, in France and internationally and thus files trademarks and designs in every country where industrial property protection is possible.
Cabinet Legabrand is registered with and approved by INPI (French national institute of industrial property), EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), enabling the firm to file trademarks in almost one hundred countries.
To file a trademark in a non-member country of these Offices, Legabrand works with other international trademark lawyers who are then appointed to file the mark.
Thus, in cooperation with other law firms, Legabrand regularly files client trademarks in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc.
The firm therefore has in-depth knowledge of French, European and international trademark, copyright and design procedures.

The firm is a member of

–  L’APRAM (Association des Praticiens du Droit des Marques et des Modèles)

–  L’INTA (International Trademark Association)

Our field of activity

Our field of activity also covers the negotiation and drafting of legal instruments such as trademark assignment agreements, trademark and copyright licensing agreements, joint mark ownership contracts, non-disclosure agreements, etc.
We have developed a trademark and copyright pre-litigation practice with other law firms (including Bayle Hasbanian, Binisti, and SB avocats).


Our founder, Patricia Bismuth, spent four years as a judicial assistant with the first civil chamber of the High Court in Marseille which has exclusive jurisdiction for litigation involving trademarks, designs and copyright.
In this role, she worked on matters concerning trademark validity, infringement actions, and related cases in unfair competition.
Expertise in litigation and judicial proceedings is an additional asset.
The firm also works with auditors, public accountants and tax lawyers on trademark portfolio valuation and filing bids to the Commercial Court for the takeover of trademarks held by businesses in liquidation.

The firm is also regularly appointed by the courts as an expert in seizures of infringing goods.
It also participates in trademark and copyright conferences and events (Chamber of Commerce, Maison de la Mode, Law Faculty, INPI)